Who We are

If you are looking for a Gun show with a family-friendly environment and a professional safety first mentality we are it. We are the best gun show in the country. We put our customers first and provide a place for fun for enthusiasts and amateurs alike. 


Give us a try next time we are close to you! You won't regret it. We travel all around the state of Florida and beyond. 

USA Gun Show Rules & Regulations

USA Gun Shows Vendor/Exhibitor Rules & Regulations, Deposits,  Hold Harmless Agreement. We reserve the right to refuse vendor space to anyone. If any vendor or vendor staff does not follow the rules below and/or poses a security risk to the event, they may be expelled from that event without a refund.

Vendors shall follow all local, state, and federal laws.

Vendors shall be responsible for collecting sales tax if applicable.

No loaded firearms of any kind inside the show, only law enforcement and hired security are permitted to have loaded guns. Failure to comply may result in civil and criminal prosecution.


All firearms MUST be zip-tied/secured in a manner where it cannot be fired including firearms under glass cases.

Display items that are not theme related must be approved by USA Gun Shows. 

Vendors are expected to maintain a display during the advertised show hours. Failure to do so will result in the termination of future business with USA Gun Shows.

Any commercial vendor or private individual will hold USA Gun Shows harmless from loss of product due to theft, fire, flood, or other natural disasters.  Also hold harmless against injury or death during setup, show hours, or break down after show hours.

USA Gun Shows holds no liability for any damages or injury resulting from vendor merchandise or actions.

USA Gun Shows holds no liability from any damages or injury resulting from ticket holder merchandise or actions.

If a deposit is not received by the designated deadline, the vendor may be deleted from the show without notification.

Reservation cancellations made less than 21 days before the designated Friday setup day will receive no refunds whatsoever.

Any accidental discharge of a firearm will result in immediate discharge from the show and may result in criminal and civil prosecution.

No ammunition allowed in firearm magazines inside the show whatsoever. Failure to comply may result in civil and criminal prosecution.

No firearms allowed in the show with a malfunction or defect that makes unloading it or loading the magazine impossible. Failure to comply may result in criminal or civil prosecution.

All returned checks will incur a $25 returned check fee and vendor placed on cash only or credit card payment status.

USA Gun Shows will employ general overall guard service during the course of the Show but assumes no liability for loss or damage by any cause.

USA Gun Shows makes every effort to place vendors in their desired position but does not guarantee any placement in the show.

Vendors are required to be in adequate health, good balance, and sound mind at all times inside the show.

Subletting of tables is forbidden unless approved by management prior to the setup day of the event.

Hold Harmless: Vendor agrees that vendor shall be responsible for all damages to persons or property, theft of property, adverse weather such as rain, wind, heat, cold, lightning, thunderstorms or act of weather incident including personal and retail products and their vehicles that occur as a result of Vendors or its officers, agents, employees and or servants fault or negligence in connection with Vendors participation in the Event.   Further, Vendor shall indemnify and save harmless USA Gun Shows and the venus, its officers, agents, employees, and servants from all claims, suits or actions of every name, kind, description, brought for, or on account of, injuries to or death of any person or damage to property resulting from the fault or negligence of Vendor, its agents, employees and/or servants in connection with the Event.

USA Gun Shows reserves the right to expel any vendor not complying with our rules and regulations or that of the venue. No deposits or payments will be refunded for the expulsion of the show due to rule violations.

Vendor Deposits and USA Gun Shows Trust Policy:

New Customers: If this is your first time doing business with us we will require a 50% non-refundable deposit to keep your reservation. If we do not receive your deposit by the designated time notified to you, your reservation will be deleted. You will be notified of how to give a deposit via credit card or check. No calls, no shows: If you are a no call or no show you will be banned from any future USA Gun Shows events.

Booking and Canceling:

If you cancel your reservation within 10 days of the Friday set up, you will be required to pay 100% in full, non-refundable for any future events you wish to book.